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Galaxy Life Hack

Quite funny and also amazing strategy, which absorb you for many hours. Playing galaxy life you embodied in “starlings”, funny and orange aliens. At the beginning of the game you get a planet, which you have to defend from invasion other aliens “players”. Like in any strategy game you evolve, create buildings, extract raw materials and built a powerful army.

Basic raw materials in the game are galaxy chips, minerals, coins. Of course, the more materials you have, the faster you grow and you can conquer foreign galaxy. To make the game easier the galaxy life hack was created, which add galaxy chips, minerals, coins – simply facilitate the game. galaxy life hack is not detectable, so you can use it frequently. Also it has a built auto-update, so galaxy life hack could be always up to date.

galaxy life hack

Galaxy life hack offers:

Unlimited galaxy chips

Unlimited minerals

Unlimited coins

Enjoy the game

The following video showing the action Galaxy life Hack

You can be sure that Galaxy life is 100 – safe and constantly updated.
Link to download the application


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